Wuppetal have become  one of the important  industrial cable manufa-cturing base in Germany since-1960s.Wupp Kabel  not only  inherit  local high quality cable manufac-turing crafts but also keep innov-ating the latest cable technology accor-ding the Market demand. 


    Automated Mechanical equipment, RoboticsFood processing industry and medicalCranes, handling equipment

      We are involved in almost all industrial areas of cable usage. In industrial production process, discontinued production will result in great economic loss. Therefore, tremendous importance regarding the cable’s quality is to avoid damages of the cable, which directly causes discontinuation of production line. Wupp cable can ensure continuous production line, thus to maximize the reduction of downtime.

      Wupp cable can be safely used in the production technologies under clean, hygienic requirements of food processing industry.In medical and biological fields, wupp cable also has a very good performance. Medical or biological studies always require extremely clean environment, even a small invisible particle may seriously interfere with working. 

    Outage represents inefficiency. Wupp cables can maintain equipment in continuous operation state. Cranes and handling equipment has higher requirements on the cable, because it has faster speed, greater acceleration and higher altitude, or even needs to run 24 hours 365 days a year, and these cables are often used in ports or similar outdoor environment, so temperature, UV, and other environmental factors have higher requirements on cables.

    Wind SystemsAll-Weather outdoor applications

    Servo, encoder  


      Considering service life and functional aspects, Wupp cable will be your first choice! Wupp cable reached a 20-year lifespan twist in life test. This proves that Wupp wind cable has good torsional resistance. 


      This cable’s sheath material is rubber, which can be used in mines, quarries and other extremely harsh mechanical loading occasions. It has excellent resistance to atmospheric pollution, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, and high anti-cracking capability. 

      Wupp cable makes data transfer quick, reliable, and accessible. It can be used in the inverter, brake system, tachometer. Wupp cable’s overall shielding effect is very outstanding. Effective shielding against outside interference and data transmission can be completed within millionths of a second.

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